About Cash in the Kitty

Hi, welcome to Cash in the Kitty. We are an Irish/German mid-thirties young family in Ireland trying to keep all the balls up in air like many other families….sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing miserably. Currently the Irish age for retirement is 65, but it will be increased to 67 around 2020. We firmly believe it will be increased again before 2050 comes along – so we are trying to claw back some control and hope to retire in our 50’s.  We’re late to the party when it comes to investing and wasted a lot of disposable income when we were mad young things. Not that we regret a moment, those thoughts keep us laughing in times of utter brokedom. We want to be clever and frugal but not two cheapskates (we ain’t from Cavan you know :P) and try to live happily….whatever that is.

Feel free to get in touch!